Cycle touring

E-bike hire. Enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Unesco World Heritage landscape on a pedelec. Take the most authentic way of exploring the area, surrounded by peace and quiet and its bountiful nature, and you will experience what happened one day when he was here to Marco Revelli, the son of writer Nuto who was a commanding officer in the “Carlo Rosselli” Justice and Liberty Brigade in the Resistance:

“…….. like an ambush, a grandiose spectacle suddenly opens up before you of the hills lit up by the blazing sun in a mosaic of colours and perfect geometrical patterns, with the rows of vines drawing compact, close-packed parallel lines like a construction designed by an ingenious architect. We stopped, enchanted by this nature humanized by the work of man. Or the legacy of the work carried out over time by generations. Culture sculpted in the land, where it really becomes impossible to separate the materiality of the soil from the vine that has occupied it for centuries…..”

(Marco Revelli, “L’epopea delle vigne patrimonio dell’umanità”, from “La Repubblica” dated 23 June 2014, shortly after the vineyard landscapes of the Langhe and Monferrato were awarded Unesco World Heritage status).

If you love racing bikes, join a local amateur cycling group on one of their outings.